Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A letter to myself - for future records

Wednesday: 10.00 following a telephone conversation with a PA.

I'm writing this blog really to myself, but it's also contemporaneous notes as records for the future.

I went to an osteopath last week in Dulwich South London, recommended by a friend and advisor, after a crick in my neck. The osteopath was good, thoughtful, and after feeling around my neck told me my c7 vertebra was inflamed from the way I had slept.

However his assistant, a senior woman, had an awkwardness to her mannerism that was unbearable.

And to cap it said the most bizarre thing when I asked her for an invoice:

"David", she said "We don't give invoices cuz our prices are so low".

What nonsense ! I thought. It cost me 33UKP.

I tried again. I don't know when I'll be in again as I'm traveling I said.

"Well try and come back it's for your own benefit and you can pop by anytime in the evening"

Actually I needed to cancel the appointment otherwise I'd be charged.

Because of my friend I declined to tell her that I won't be using them again. But for such a professional looking outfit from what I saw, this exchange sans invoice was quite strange.

Customer care is still important.