Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Oscars for News - that would be the RTS

The season of awards is nigh.

In no time it'll be the that 34cm statue that will enthral a global TV audience. HurtLocker appears a shoe in for those awards.

Elsewhere away from the glare of cameras one award that will be widely anticipated by UK newsmakers will be the Royal Television Society's Broadcast News Innovation.

To those in the industry, simply the RTS. For other non committals it's easy to describe it as the Oscars, or more relevant to my US friends the Emmys of UK broadcast news.

Last year's horrid economy should bring an extra cheer to 2010. In times of recession, cut backs ensure real creativity, operating on recessionary resources, has its work cut out.

Last year's winner
This year, as lasts, I'll be in a room with 10 or so other industry figures making pronouncements about innovation and who should be deserving of the gong: Broadcast News Innovations Awards 2010.

Last year's victor was indeed a worthy winner: Newsnight's 10 days to freedom. Journalism meets documentary dramatised with some heavy hitting talent such as Kenneth Branagh.

There were a few videojournalism offerings that didn't quite make it; be interesting to see how far videojournalism's come this time around.

This year I don't know yet who's in the runnings and wouldn't tell. Primarily because a sort of Chatham house rule means little is discussed of the procedure. But it's an interesting exercise we travel courtesy of the Chair, in reaching our decisions.

This year though with some luck, I'm hoping to blog something a bit more insightful about the awards, which culminates in the dinner event in the coming months.

I can't say what I'll talk about - something a bit academic - but after speaking with the awards team, I'll know. See you here again.