Saturday, January 02, 2010

My memorable blog posts of 2009

Succumbed to the theme of marketing, or purely a desire to share, here are some of the moments from 2009, that good heavens, I look back on and think...

They range from presenting at Wemedia Miami; talking at SXSW, Texas; teaching in Beirut and Podgorica; to seeing friends hit the big time and then there's Britain's worse snow, and finally those thoughts about videojournalism.

1)5 tips for job hunting. Did you know? New jobs for grads to exploit
Digital Awards winner David Dunkley Gyimah reports on creating your own job, which ultimately will have employers tapping you, as well as working with new companies, not in the traditional sense of paper-handling intern, but in influencing their digital media strategy. More on Job Hunting

2)Why if you're a student, you MUST blogOh what like I don't know? It's been raked over ad nausea:"why should students blog", but here's my bent as a senior lecturer, former broadcaster, and blogger. More on students must blog

3) End of the world !! - worst snow storm in 18 years
It's the end of the world in London; school's closed, buses canceled, trains left in their depot, commuters standing idly around pondering their next move. More on UK Snow storm

4)Rachel Armstrong: Architecture that repairs itself?
It pleases me no end that Rachel, a fabulous person I have come to know over the last couple of years has had the breakthrough she so deserves for her tireless work. This presentation as a TED fellow is just a whiff of a mind that would leave you breathless. More on Rachel Armstrong

6)Solo VJ mini effort, max gain - the graft
It's easy to assume videojournalism is an easily acquired skill; it is, but if you've very little visual spatial skills, you're a shrinking violet and the last time you wrote something was for the school nativity play, you're on a steep learning curve. More on the graft

7)Get Rewired -Transform your journalist brain
Rewiring the brain and changing habits and attititudes to fit the postmodern journalist: the uber journalist, the multimedia journalists. More on Rewired

8)SXSW rocks. Next on SXSW - Viewmagazine
SXSW rocks. Next on SXSW.
Apologies if at all for the effusive language. This morning, Sunday, I got up tired, groggy. It was 7.30. Urgh overslept.
I looked outside my window and I was on Danny Boyle's 28 Days film set. The streets were deserted.
What the h*** is going on. It's 7.30. More on SXSW rocks

9)The Wire - good for videojournalism
Detective: The reporter comes with us?
Producer: He's a VJ..
Detective: A what?
Producer: You know they film and edit their own stuff
Detective: Unions let you do that shit?More on The Wire Journalism

10)Beirut, I should try harder - A Videojournalist's tale
A personal poem
Returning from Beirut, I'm reminded why I wanted to tell factual stories.
But I should try harder.
I recall in 92 how driven by idealism I made my way to South Africa, looking for the next generation.

More on I must try harder

11)The Videojournalism Timeline & What next?
The Videojournalism Timeline: in 1994 it was a revolution. I can't tell you how excited I was. A Beta camera, Vinten tripod, Senheiser mikes etc. More on Videojournalism what next?

12)Yeoville, South Africa -
This is Yeoville. It deserves a film in itself for there was no other place like it in the South Africa I knew. At one point a good friend who was putting me up introduced me to his next door neighbour. Four years later Cheryl Carolus was the South Africa High Commissioner based in the UK. More on Yeoville South Africa