Thursday, December 17, 2009

Person of the year - video makers

Paying hommage to Time magazine, which still drops through the front door on Saturday with the must-read Joe Klein.

Somehow, Time isn't quite the same reading online. Notwisthstanding their site design, for such a bastion of journalism, leaves a lot to be desired.

Old Media, New Media is getting a fair amount of chatter again. Signs of the recession coming to an end and thus the asphyxiation of old media.

Plus Simon Cowell's trumping x-Factor ( 20 million people watching the finals) bodes well for the town crier:

Here yea, hear yea Television is the next new new thing.

Can't be wrong either as Forester unveil some recent stats that say TV is still wining out in time spent on the Net amongst the screen generation.

So what does this all mean? Well as a researcher you could argue the toss really, even with stats which don't tell the whole picture.

Frankly, there's going to be no takeover; pictures didn't do it with reading, tv didn't do it with cinema. More, a correction, using stock market language.

A correction that puts more emphasis on efficacy, ease of use and free.

Something tells me next year's going to be very interesting.