Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bummer on The Time's links

We all make fools of ourselves from time to time. My faux pas excellence was committed a few minutes ago on the The Times' online.

An Afghan report had me wondering how a reader could be so overt in his praise for said actions.

Of course comment is free and extremist views are a component of polarised societies.

I clicked to find out the name of the author - a track back. Odd, there was no link on the name.

My nephew then asked me about his home work project and then the next thing I'd realised still pursuing a link, I'd clicked "recommends".

Horrified is too light a word.

So in my either paranoid state or rather frankly normal sedate demeanor for the record that clicked link from my ISP was a MISTAKE.

Now I'd only wish they'd provide ample gutter between names and "recommends". Grrr