Monday, July 06, 2009

The future....videojournalism?

Been a busy couple of weeks and there's no let up. A number of things are planned which may have some currency.

I was at the Beyond Broadcast conference and interviewed some of the key speakers. web TV launches are nothing special nowadays but Don Boyle's venture has the element of station launch about it, so what is Hibrow TV?

Rob Chiu, one of the UK's most talented and young motion graphics artists. He regularly presents at Flash on the Beach and OFFF, shot his first short story with a crew and high end production gear which included Red cameras. I shot a behind the scenes and should put that together soon.

Why online tv makers fail to understand audiences. There's something like the law of diminishing returns here in that the nuclear proliferation in video and videojournalism non curated appears to be baffling for users.

Dipping in and out of a service like Youtube may be fine, but many still want a dialogue with the brand. Simplicity is good. That explains the ipod and bbc iplayer. I'll be returning to my own site and deconstructing it for this purpose.

And fusing video and online narraritives. this year I have set the Masters student the challenge of telling stories to pull in interest, how are they doing?

So just some of the things I'll be looking at in the days ahead. Not to mention material from Beirut and an important discussion on leadership from one of the UK's leading innovative leaders.