Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Twitter and the lasting chaos theory. breaking news. Give twitter a miss

If you don’t like the chaos of breaking news, you should probably stay off Twitter

That's what the article from paid content was titled.  It's a good read, but here's my take on why news and you should really stop using twitter if you find it annoying for false information.

Interesting that we measure Twitter’s discursive impact by how it works within or around the periphery of news.
We’ve become so accustomed to the higher authority of this media form, that it’s a perennial yard stick.
But news had its own huge problems e.g. dwindling audiences circa 1980s before twitter and the social avalanche came.
I like the title of this “If you don’t like the chaos of breaking news, you should probably stay off Twitter” , because twitter never signed up to be a news service. If you want one of these policed by journalists, who are limited in number etc, you’d do well to subscribe to an agency.
Philosophy students will chuckle at all of this. Foucault’s discursive formations at play again.
Here an institution takes on a form and makes it its own. In ten years time a generation will think Twitter was built by journalists. Really !
What’s the evidence? Another discursive form videojournalism. Many think it was created by TV news broadcaster. It wasn’t. But Foucault turned in his grave again.
In 1994 when videojournalism was launched in the UK, it took at least ten years before the sniping stopped. Twitter, the CB Radio of teletext is only doing what it's designed to do.
We sentients attach conventional values and misplaced meanings, when perhaps we shouldn’t.