Saturday, July 13, 2013

Touchcast. One touch and the world Youtube and Vimeo changed for ever

You touch, you broadcast. Video embeds in video. Tweet feeds sit on your video, but the tweet feed is still active. You move around your blog feed, pull up a picture from Pinterest. 

Your limitations are your imagination. Few apps are gathering apace as this is one is. The label game changer does not do it justice and if you don't believe me, one of the world's biggest publishers appears comfortably wrapping its colossal arms around it and the group.

Confidential conversation, so I can't tell you more. Except this...

A couple of months ago Charley reached out to me. I'm a bit fortunate, I guess because I'm a geek-art-borg, I get the odd wow "hello release". Not PR, but whadyathinkathis.

Things like the rotoheli cameras or Danfung Dennis' amazing Condition One.  which transforms the experience of watching linear cinema.  If you know anything about Abel Gance's 1922 Napolean which used Triptych, this builds on that.

Charley sent me something. Please don't show anyone, but have a look and tell us what you think?

Oh my good *&^%$$£ What the good *&^%$. I spluttered and said something like. OK what next?

Then the group said they were on the way to the UK. Charley and I had one of those, "we've-never met-before-but-we-share-the-same-interest" conversations.

How's Tuesday looking? Duhh! I'm in Denmark working with some of the coolest photographers on planet earth. Why do I use "cool" a lot.

Because, I might have had my fair share of thrills, but I still damn well get excited at sharing the stage with Bombay Flying Club @BombayFC or US Videojournalist Darren Durlach @DarrenDurlach and the good folk that is Videoplayground, Soren, Martin et al  And I guess if my kinder Masters students read this they might agree.

Ok I can't make the meeting, but I'm going to ping a friend who is the Global head of Digital at [Confidential] . Yes really reader, it wouldn't be fair if I gave you who he was. Maybe when he says I can, but that's business.

Peter, not his real name, got back in 5 mins and set up a meeting.  Independently, at the same time, they'd also made contact. I mean they're making all sorts of contacts, so mine was just one of those serendipity things.

Yesterday it sounds like they had "jolly good time" as suits looked on, cocked their heads to one side and it appears did what I did...&^%$$£ .

So that's Touchcast and it's available on iTunes. And no I'm not their PR, but I guess in that roundabout way when you see something cool, and you're told you can, you wanna shout about it.

For the last couple of years I have been lucky to sit as a juror on something called the RTS awards. The US equivalent is the EMMYs for news. I can't imagine any of the jurors not being impressed with touchcast used well by one of the TV programmes. And we haven't even spoken about E-learning.

So in a couple of weeks, I'm going to one of the conflict trouble spots. I have for a good while wanted to blend in hypervideo I spoke to the Economist about  and a new form of  journalism,  emerging from my PhD, which I reckon will be one of the biggest thing in comms in the unfolding years. No that's not me saying, but the people I have interviewed.

David's PhD research being turned into a film

We said that about videojournalism in 1994 too, but it took a while.  Hypervideo - this is a piece from The Economist  and a link to the cube - game theory journalism.

This is what people have to say.  Let me know when you start playing around with it :)

TouchCasters from edo segal on Vimeo.

David Dunkley Gyimah is a geek-videoborg !!! He's been a videojournalists for 20 years. Worked for traditional outfits like the BBC, ABC News and Commercial advertisers as a traditional producer going back to 1988, and  builds websites and makes videos. His PhD research completed looks at news, video and technology, and cognitive behaviour. He occasionally gets invited to talk to creative managers, such as the BBC. You can find out more from his site
Dear David, 
 We are currently organising BBC Worldwide’s annual Leadership Conference in October which is aimed at the top 150 senior leaders across the company.
We would like to invite you to speak at a session focusing on ‘Creativity and Innovation:  Creating the Winning Idea’ which currently has speakers including Innocent; Ten Alps and Bebo.  

With your fantastic experience in both old and new media and your insights into next generation TV both in the UK and US, you would be a valuable addition to the panel. 

About the Leadership GroupOur Leadership Group consists of around 150 of our senior staff from across our seven business areas: Global TV Sales, Global Channels, Content  & Production, Magazines, Digital Media, Home Entertainment and Children’s. They are a lively and talented group of people who would greatly enjoy the opportunity to hear you speak and we very much hope that you will find the event interesting too. 
Kind regards,xxxxxxxx| 
Head of Internal and Change Communications

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