Friday, September 28, 2012

Customer concerns buying Edelkrone's POCKET RIG

Pocket Rig. Image taken from Edelkrone promotional video 

By David Dunkley Gyimah. Connect with him on Google 

As you might know, I undertake several training regimes for videojournalists and photojournalists around the world, and recommend buys for a number of clients. 

In the past these have ranged from the World Association of Newspapers, the FT, and videojournalists within the BBC.

A couple of months ago, I blogged about the POCKET RIG, a device to aid all Canon 5D shooters Juan Antonio Rodríguez, Tous Seville (Spain) posted this extremely helpful response below.

Please read and be cautious. Hopefully Edelkrone will correct this, if a) customer service means anything to them or b) sales of the devices have any effect on their business.

Feedback from Juan Antonio Rodríguez
I just got the Edelkrone's POCKET RIG, directly from Turkey. The product is excellent, a masterpiece of engineering. The e-marketing of Edelkrone, however, is most regrettable, ranging from abuse.

First, from the date of payment via Paypal (26/08/2012) until receipt of the goods have passed 24 days!

That is, bad management of stocks. The worst thing, however, has been the sending itself.

Edelkrone indicates that operates with DHL International. Insured shipping charge 13.49 euros. They do not indicate, however, that customer will be charged upon receipt of the merchandise, almost 40% percent of expenses (office, "steps", VAT).

Exemplified in my case:
  1. Paid to Edelkrone via Paypal: 558 euros (pocket rig + follow focus) 
  2. Paid to DHL receipt of the goods: 200 euros. This amount is the result of application of 21% VAT, the "rights fee" of 3.4% and 63 euros (¿!) of "border management" to DHL. 

Clearly Edelkrone know what happens. If you operate with DHL is easy to calculate the real price of the received goods. Suffice request this information from the carrier. With this datum on the Edlekrone's Web, of course, nobody in the EU would buy their products. This is a clear abuse by omission.

Sorry strongly recommend NOT BUY PRODUCTS OF EDELKRONE FROM SPAIN VIA INTERNET. It's a shame, because they are magnificent. But selling online requires some ethical principles that Edelkrone completely ignores.

Juan Antonio Rodríguez Tous
Seville (Spain)