Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why we need mavericks and thought-provokers

Scene from Bane a' part - Goddard. Tarantino liked it so much he lifted the dance and the name for his film, Pulp fiction and Resevoir and his production company
The net's main goal as seen by those prescient lot in the 70s and 80s such as Gene Youngblood  was an opening up of conversation, the delineation and devolvement  of power to you.

It's worked. Here are you and I talking - something we couldn't do a while back. Yet no one quite banked on the fight corporate dom would stage to colonise this discursive ground.

In every walk of life, just as soon as that thing emerges that spawns new thoughts, ideas, rationale, at some point it is enveloped and consumed by large bodies. If you can't own it buy it!

This is capitalism and this post is not to espouse the pros and cons of this system, but to take a more skewed position that perilously these lower organisms, by food chain distinction rather than intellect, disappear at our huge loss.

Everyone creates, but occasionally someone creates better. We stop, look, say "hwum" - in that release of breath way and move on. Then we see them again, sometimes years later - if we're lucky!

This is the maverick. We all know one from any profession. They do not seek fame per se, but that their voice and what they want to say find an audience. Paradoxically, today that is tantamount to fandom. Though there is a difference, in seeking an audience and attention.

The maverick is so left field, that you'd be forgiven for thinking he or she needs help, in an institution.

Which leads me to the core of my debate: education. In the next year, in fact in the next couple of months, British education is about to be radicalised, with new fees and presumably new gene of a student.

The result perhaps is the loss of the experimenter, the left-fielder. Because when you're forking out 9k for any university across the land, chances are you'll be looking for a specific experience.

I hope I'm proved wrong, because I rather like the left-fielders.