Saturday, April 14, 2007

VJ in Norway

I thought I'd provide a running account - as much as I can - for the videojournalism event in Fredrikstad at the Institute of Journalism

Just seen a presentation from one of the country's most experienced VJs, Magnus whose work is simply superb. Very artistic and creative. He's been a VJ for about seven years and I loved what I saw. Looking forward to us collaborating on something.

Magnus' touch combines a hand held whip pan element with a creative narrative and even though it was in Norwegian was visually strong to easily follow the narrative.

...just looked up from my screen to watch a heart-touching reuniuon between father and son in a story by one of Norway's foremost award winning investigative journalists. I'll get his name in a bit.

One thing that is evident is that videojournalism has a strong relationship with broadcasters e.g. NRK - which is Norway's equivalent of the BBC. And contrary to what attendants have been saying the movement appears robust.

It could be down to the gathering ie a concentration of people in one place, but I'm not completely buying that VJ hasn't got deep routes.

I can't for instance name any VJ that reports nationally for a news-type programme and makes their own long format item. Alistair Leathhead (?? - must check name) a correspondent for BBC files VJ reports from frotlines et al, but that seems like the total of it.

Tim who's speaking later will likely expand on the BBC's interest in Vjism and the 800 plus vjs it has amassed.


Bloggerguy said...

Hi David, This is Gunnar. It must be hard for you to blog from a conference with nordic language. The hart breaking story you refer to I gues is Tormod Strand´s story about a refudy from Afganistan who came to Norway and 5 years later found out that he had cancer. He needed bone-cells from some of his closes relatives. Some in the norwegian troops in Afganistan found his little brother still alive and somehow they managed to bring him to Norway.
This was a hart breaking sory where Tormod followed the prosess where they desperat tried to save the big brothers live.

I started the first day with some blogging myself. see

Tord Selmer-Nedrelid said...
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Tord Selmer-Nedrelid said...

Hi David. Just to ad to your thoughts on why we now have a stable and strong groups of news producing vjs in Norway. Initially the state funded NRK had to cut cost. And vjs were one of the answers. But that budget driven shift created a group of enthusiasts seeing what the format could do. Another reason is all the small commercial local tv-stations in Norway. Now - we love our local news, but with some 20 local tv-stations, 229 newspapers and a host of online outlets for only 5 million people advertising revenue is not overwhelming for local broadcasters. There vjs are the standard. With so many doing it every day, of course a lot has to turn out good. Hope you got back to London OK. Love to have you come back to us anytime. Cheers, Tord