Sunday, April 01, 2007


Apple sent me a 15 inch notebook Huzzzah!

The article for their site about the work I'm doing here grabbed 18,000 sessions in the two weeks of its release. I think they were pleased with the traffic.

Meanwhile the podcasts which I've gradually been teasing from's ste, as well as producing new ones has picked up wide interest. It's highly likely that if I ever wanted to work for The top British news programmes, despite starting my career with Newsnight as a researcher, I'd fail miserably in convincing the editors.

So it tickled me somewhat to see that listerners' annotation compiled by user tracking behaviour read:

"Listerners [to this podcast] aso subscribe to The Today Programme, From Our Own Correspondent, and Newsnight." Herein is the power of users deciding what works etc.

Hail the Net.

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