Wednesday, February 28, 2007

TDB Till Day Break

4.26 a.m.
We used to mock fellow collegues doing this at boarding school: TDB - till day break. And woe betide you got lugged with an edit or had the ignomy of a new site to lauch in what we called the death march.

But the cause of my enforced insomina, a hapless inexperienced so so and so at my host site, whose poor and inconsiderate instructions led to - my site being deleted from the server.

Pain... you don't know the half of it. But there was a job to be done. Get the Masters journalism online, who this year will clearly win something, see my dean, have another meeting around 10' 0clock and then get home and look for one of six back up files to load.

I'm on a 1mb pipe which is excrutiatingly slow compared to the 100mbit janet network at uni. And as I sit here uploading the files on one mac, i watch the slow progress of the load bar move knowing that if I don't get all my podcast assets up, when Itune refreshes in the morning around 8 0clock, I'll be kicked off.

So a word of warning in dealing with your Host etc. Double question everything they ask you to do. Don't worry about sounding like an echo chamber: " So you want me to delete this. Are you abs sure, cuz that means I lose this".

Ultimately the trouble is a young buck who would have answered his 100th call with me, was on auto response. Not really caring that I had a specific issue that initially needed fixing. Graeme, his name, customer service at Fasthost didn't seem to understand that his attitude was costly and that ultimately more of those and it's the good reputation of what's claimed to be the best host in the UK, Fasthost, that gets sullied. They've been extremely helpful in the past, but this memory won't go away any time soon.

It's 4.38 now and a 50mb file has uploaded 30mb - at the rate of 1mb per minute.

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