Friday, March 02, 2007

BBC - Youtube deal

Times reports the big one. If you're an independent, be afraid be very afraid. The BBC may have been slow in catching up with the new media thing but this news from the Times is enough to make any newspaper and broadcasting exec throw their coffee on the cat.

BBC -Youtube deal
"Executives at the Corporation believe this is the best chance for the BBC to “crack America” while Google — the owner of YouTube — say that it is the largest content partnership it has struck in the website’s short history

Wired Magazine's feature in January looked at whether Youtube would usurp traditional media. I doubt it, but the future is data base television.

But the BBC's has been busily trying to strike all manner of deals including a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft which should be interestng to watch.

When I interviewed the BBC Director General at the WeMedia summit, it was obvious then that Mark Thompson believed the corporation should be doing a lot more to exploit the future and attract the next generation.

I'm looking to write a more expansive feature on viewmagazine, together with an insider view of London Underground's Cross Track Projection ( XTP).

Meamwhile, there will be lots of jubilation within the pastel covered walls of the BBC's exec media land.


Sh'shank said...

i wrote about the same thing exactly...
please wait for the next issue of the
i waas actually waiting for u to write on TDB...
respect and more

cdogstar said...

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