Saturday, February 21, 2015

Selma's brief lesson

The air was laden. that rousing speech, and then a moment of silence until the room filled with spontaneous applause.

Some gift; some gift - that is to move people. To remind them of where humanity was, to capture memories - albeit cinematic ones - but enough to inspire.

Finally got around to seeing Selma. The controversy impairs the clarity of this piece of work. No flash backs, no convoluted script; this is cinema as documentary. It even borrows some of documentaries' tropes.

It reminded me of an obligation we have to ourselves; a conscientuous stand to share and remind and well, negotiate!

It brought back my own memories of South Africa, the last country on Earth to officially legalise racism and that was only two decades ago.

A little story came my way. It was the ability to document on the cusp of a new dawn; a new country - a new South Africa.  This through the eyes of four young South Africans.

Late last night I listened to the radio doc again. It brought years and joy to me. If you have a mo, do relive and cherish what we now have.