Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blast from the past II

Videojournalism 1996

The exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum on Postmodernism puts where we are now into context. 

The picture is from 1996. The videojournalist is today one of the UK's leading film makers.

I came across this constructing the lay out for a chapter on postmodernism and self filming.

Without the past we don't have futures. Postmodernism or in this case the videojournalism of old may be rubbished.  "Hey it's all about the 5D now!" But the past influences what direction we take now.

In five years time we'll be doing the same to this present "here and now",  as the next generation give it short shrift and you try to convince them otherwise. "Hey it was the period of the IPad 2, Facebook and the Social Network".

It's easy to become nonchalant about the past unless you've lived through it. But there's other value. Traces of the past find themselves into our livelihoods. For creatives it provides cues for cycles of innovations.  Sometimes they emerge as retro.

More importantly for me as a practitioner and academic with specialist knowledge  in television, radio and the Net around the 1980s onwards, it gives context to understanding current trends.

Without The Garden of Forking Paths - a hypertext novel published in 1941 by Argentina novelist  poet Jorge Luis Borges, there would be no Inception (2010) 

Without videojournalism circa 1990/ 2000, we'd still be adamant what can and can't be done.

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