Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Art of Doing Something Artistic

Artist in Residence with Southbank Artistic Director Jude Kelly OBE, third from left

Summer is set to tuck itself into its shed, as autumn makes its long-nights presence felt. And amid the concrete fixed facades in East Wing of London's cultural playground sits a beguiling sight.

It could be construed as a piece of art, and perhaps is one, but its main function is the meeting place for the Southbank Centre's Artist in Residence.

If you happened to pass by it at about 9.30 a.m yesterday you'd have caught us seating cosily inside catching up on what we're doing and our plans ahead.

Artists like, Poet and writer Lemn (Sissay) whom I haven't seen for a good while; he's just come back from touring Australia and is about to commence work with a hospital, plus the many other things he does.

And then Oliver Coates, an in demand solo Cellists and musician, who has recently completed a projected using the bowels of the Royal Festival Hall's hidden tunnels: the scene is something out of The Shining.  The lists of Artists is here

Meeting and sharing ideas with fellow artists is invigorating and then the bar is always raised and some with Jude Kelly, Southbank Artistic Director, mapping out plans for the Southbank in the months ahead and the work she would like, love to see from her artists.

This includes the up coming Festival of Death; Festival of the World; a Festival in collaboration with Brazil and then the Olympic games project.

For the Festival of Death I'm considering a narrative of the funereal procedure of Ghanaians, and the experience of my family when my father passed away two years ago and we had to take him back to the family's burial place in Ghana. The whole process was documented with pictures and is quite something.

A more filmic project explores what I'm loosely calling "A right to passage" which will explore space, movement as long tracks but delving into psychoanalysis - sans flaws.