Monday, May 16, 2011

Filling in the broadcasting links

Today was one of those days.

In writing this up contemporaneously this serves to mark the ocassion, as well as acknowledge a record of that day, as I'll be coming back to this later.

One of the most fundamental things was talking to an ex-boss of 20 years ago Nick Pollard  whom when talking about the outfit we were a part of mentioned it helped him in a lot in his next job.  Pollard said it was the relentlessness of Channel One that prepared him for his next job at Sky News.

I'm afraid if you're reading this, it won't make much sense. That is until i deposited the full write up and contextualise it. But I can tell you there's a hidden gem in the interview and one that provides an important link in broadcasting in the UK.

In one section not recorded. Nick talked about the future of broadcasting. Where we possibly might be in 20 years or less. Firstly 3D television would subsume us. He said he's already seen some work at Sky and how some of the royal wedding was shot in 3D.

However beyond 3D what awaited was holographic television. Nick explained how this would work, something along the lines of surround sound using multiple speakers, but in this case they'd be projectors.

He joked how watching Bolt run would be a strange experience. He'd practicably be running past you in your living room. Were not far off. If CNN could do this in 2008, then whole communities will become available in 2020

I first came across this in 2006 when one of the Californian university's premiered a concert - a symphony orchestra projected on stage, which fooled everyone into believing they were real. There's a write-up somewhere on which I'll dig it up