Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cinema Journalism - Filmmaking and the News Media @sheffield doc festival

If you're interested in videojournalism and the redefinition of where I believe it's going, then you might be interested in this below. I'll be previewing Tahrir Memento and a methodology for training - apart from what's featured below. My thanks to Charlotte Cook for the invite.

Cinema Journalism - Filmmaking and the News Media

Venue: HUBS C
Saturday 11 June 2011 12:45

In the changing world of print journalism, newspapers and magazines have to adapt quickly to the increasing demand of readers on television, on the net, and even on their phones. In order to address this widening gap between news and technology, traditional print media have begun to incorporate video and film work to heighten, enhance, and even stand for their work. This panel will discuss how media outlets are commissioning and incorporating video and how filmmakers can find a place, and a voice, in this medium.