Saturday, May 15, 2010

What video and Videojournalism can do for you

What videojournalism can do for you - an integrated approach illustrated with this diagram below.

Firstly videojournalism sits at the heart of what I do in media. It is an integrated approach which allows me to pull off or push together cognate media, explained much better in this Apple article.

I call it the IM6 Approach.If you search IM6 on, you'll find a range of articles.

The phrase was coined by Ted Turner... "Use every part of the pig, including the Squeal". In video as the illustration shows, I can and often pull put or put together a number of assets.
  • Website - ( winner at the Knight Batten Awards 2005) was built around a videojournalism praxis. The original submission in 2005 can be found here and I did think of flat screens from Minority Report in making it, so there are similarities with IPad's presentations today The presentation of film and text means if you take a page like this one below the video comes first with text wrapped around the video - film. This example below shows videojournalism training at the Financial Time. The article and film can be found here.
    1. The FT has now a bouquet of programmes it has created using the videojournalism paradigm
    2. Sites like show how Videojournalism is also integral to Multimedia storytelling. Here's how videojournalism made this multimedia game theory documentary: The Family

    3. Promos - The Yannis Kontos Photopromo I showed was influenced by the overlap of videojournalism and photojournalism. You can see that here (pixels without borders). The background to the video is we had about 1000 pics to sort through in three hours and then score the piece which he presented on a big screen to the World Press Photo Awards ( Ist prize)
    4. I mentioned during my talk, students I lecture at my university and the three different sites. Alas time constraints I could only point to the one.

  • Pics and Design
  1. Here's a snap shot of a video I made - an interview with the CIA. Using Final Cut Pro, I can also pull of a pic whose quality online on an HD camera rivals still cameras

  • Audio - which I can pull of the video timeline
  1. On the Final Cut Pro pic (above), you'll notice the timeline is a block - (1 brown, 2 purple). The purple element is the audio component which I can export to form an Ipod or audio track for any number of projects, including this one here from South Africa ( see below)
  • blog- This blog; its specialist topic is videojournalism. Though apologies because of commitments I have not been blogging as much as I should. But the point is there's a content pathway derived from Videojournalism.
  1. Multimediast bloggers like Adam Westbrook have made invaluable contributions in this space
The slide below gives my POV of the the many things you can do within the video ecosystem making films, but that was more than brilliantly shown and executed
  • Thomas Loudons' fabulous VJmovement - the BBC of the future
  • Irina Samokhina, publisher of Krestyanin, Russia demonstrated how in the short space of two years she is transforming her company into a digital platform using videojournalism
  • Premesh Chandran CEO of is blazing a trail with videojournalists working with citizen journalists and finding an out on TV screens as well
  • And then Thomas Bella's of who showed how branding and the use of entertainment programming can bring in audiences.
I'll fix the links on the above and post some more soon and speak about the second slide later. BTW this and much more is being published in a book by Peachpit called Revolutionary Video