Saturday, May 29, 2010

The newness of old -innovatory story telling

There is little that it genius, or for that matter new. Each substrate we happen upon has its antecedent, somewhere, sometime.

Ignorance is usually are excuse for failing to find it. Not purposeful, for knowledge can never be absolute.

Each generations proposes new solutions, attempting by default to also discard the past. We have moved on. But the past provides answers for why we exercise or seek to try new things. Without the past, the old, we cannot have the new.

It's a catch 22, because we would rather the old remained hidden, yet at the same time, the solutions are rooted in various trials that have succeeded or failed of old.

The question for developing that which we deemed new, innovatory, then is a simple one. What can we add to the giants before us? What is our contribution to the form having burrowed deep into the archives of our choice?

Ignorance no longer becomes a default excuse, but a failure on our part. There is nothing that is new, if we prepared to drill deeper than often resources allow. What though can we contribute?