Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reflections in Integrated Multimedia Videojournaiism before the storm

The pictures above represent a few of the highs in a profession over two decades in the media. Just a few.
  • Presenting at SXSW - a historicity in video.
  • Presenting at The ONA (Online News Association) in New York, with Naka Nathaniel and Andrew Devigal, the multimedia Editor at the New York Times.
  • Concepts in design for PCs in 2005, how we might access articles. No, I hadn't thought of the IPad either, though a similar device I came across in 2002 presented some ideas.
  • Training journalists from State TV in Cairo over the last three years, which I have folded into my thesis, gives me much to chew on.
  • And - a series I'm still proud of made in 1997 when working with a CNN executive we took videojournalism to Ghana state TV and South Africa. In a months time, I have been invited to Nigeria to talk about and share ideas.

So why all this? Somehow I feel I'm re finding my feet, or different feet, something more discursive, more evaluative, more dialectic, less sophist...  In the past few weeks I have been delivering a lecture to students entitled Illogical Rationalism. It includes or attempts to justify certain aesthetics.

Take this for instance. The 5D Mk II is great, but why will it soon come to represent something ordinary?  Because history has shown us, business has demonstrated to us.

 At some point innovation becomes comodified. Ouch! Artists have shown us that all great artists work against the norm. Go look yourself. And finally then when we can all show great pictures, it''ll become a game of spot the emperors clothes. Form and content will come back with a vengeance. Invest in a super 8mm now (LOL).

However I digress. For the meantime I'm giving my head a rest from blogging, before I assess the wonderful work our masters students have been doing. Then it's back to Husserl. Happy blog-break  :)