Monday, November 01, 2010

City University London on Local Television

City University London conference on Local Television
Friday November 5 2010 (0930-1530) at The Performance Space, College Building, City University London, St John’s Street, EC1V 4PB.
0900-0930 Registration and coffee
Introduction and Welcome by Professor George Brock, Head of the Journalism Department at City University and former Managing Editor of the Times.
Session One (0935 -1000)
Local media, communities and citizenship –the big picture.
A panel of Jon Zeff (Director of Media, DCMS), Prof Roy Greenslade (City University and media commentator), Peter Williams (United for Local TV) and Prof Natalie Fenton (lead author of ‘Meeting the news needs of local communities’) discuss how the state of the UK’s local media fits into the wider debates about local democracy and the future of public service broadcasting.
Moderator George Brock
Session Two (1000-1030)
Is Local Television a threat, an opportunity or an  irrelevance to other local media?
John Fry (CEO of Johnston Press) and David Roddick (Commercial Director, Northcliffe Media) and Matt Payton (Radiocentre) talk with Roy Greenslade.
Session Three (1030-1100)
Local Television-the story so far
A conversation with conference attendees who’ve worked in local TV, past and present.
These include Philip Graf (formerly Chief Executive of Trinity plc, operators of Channel One Liverpool, then CEO of Trinity Mirror, now Deputy Chair of Ofcom) David Dunkley Gyimah (ex-Channel One London) Mark Dodson (ex-Channel M Manchester), Helen Philpot (Channel 7 Lincolnshire), David Lowen (ex-Local Broadcasting Group), and Daniel Cass (SixTV).
Moderator Stewart Purvis (City University, formerly CEO of ITN and Ofcom Partner for Content and Standards)
COFFEE BREAK 1100-1115
Session Four  -1115-1135
The Shott Team’s Interim Report
One of Nicholas Shott’s Steering Group, Claire Enders of Enders Analysis, is interviewed by Steve Hewlett (writer and broadcaster)
Session Five 1135-1200
The Shott Team’s Issues –part one
Steve Hewlett questions expert witnesses on the commercial possibilities for local TV :
1.     Where and how might local TV work? Mark Oliver (Oliver and Ohlbaum) 
2.     Where and how might commercial revenue be raised? Sue Unerman (Mediacom)
Session Six 1200-1220
Kelvin McKenzie gives Stewart Purvis his views on Local Television based on his experience in local newspapers, local radio and local TV.
Session Seven 1220-1245
The Shott team’s issues-part two
Steve Hewlett questions the broadcasters about whether they can help Local Television.
1.Who will ‘host’ local TV?  David Holdsworth, Head of BBC English regions and Magnus Brooke, Director of Policy, ITVplc.
2.Does the EPG have a role to play? David Wheeldon, Director of Policy, BSkyB
Session Eight 1245-1315
A tale of two Birminghams-a case study
Why the comparison between the UK and USA is not quite what it seems including the story of Birmingham UK’s first local TV channel.
Stewart Purvis talks to Marc Reeves (ex-Editor Birmingham Post and now the, Phil Ryley (Orion Media, owners of BRMB radio) and Nick Booth (owner of podnosh, a Birmingham-based consultancy on ‘social media for social good)’,
LUNCH 1315-1345
Session Nine 1345-1415
Thinking outside the conventional box: are their new, different and better ways of making and funding programmes? 
Alex Connock   Ten Alps
Jaqui Devereux   Community Media Association
John Furlong   Channel M Digital multiplex
Roger Parry    Author of 2009 report on local media for the Conservative Party.
Moderator Lis Howell (City University Director of Broadcasting , formerly Border TV Head of News , Sky News Managing Editor and Programme Controller GMTV)
Session Ten 1415-1445
Local TV via DTT versus Local IPTV via Broadband –the debate
George Brock chairs and Lord Wills (formerly Labour MP for Swindon North and a former Director of Juniper Productions) leads off a debate about the best way forward for local content and civic activism.
Session Eleven 1445-1515
Where does the Local Television debate leave news and current affairs in the Nations and Regions ?
Rob Woodward –CEO of STV
Richard Hooper – Chairman of DCMS IFNC panel
Dave Rushton –Institute of Local TV
Glyn Mathias- Welsh member of the DCMS IFNC panel
Mary McAnally- President of the National Consumer Federation and formerly MD of Meridian Broadcasting.
Moderator Stewart Purvis
Session Twelve 1515-1530
The last word
Claire Enders talks with Lis Howell

P.S If you're going, hope to see you there and chat. I'll be sharing my experience in the 10.30 - 11.00 session