Friday, July 16, 2010

And so to the next journal

I arrived at SMARTlab - PhD gathering on a high, having just flown a 16 hour journey from China. The Tuesday did not disappoint as Nigel, Errin, and Bobby mapped out their direction in deconstructing autism.

The contents was comprehensive, its delivery clear, their ideas engaging and their methodology a revelation is crystallising ideas within the realms of videojournalism.

It's often said, by whom, I can't recall at present, that the generation of new ideas invariably involved transferring concepts from one discipline to another.

You might ask then the relationship between a lecture of autism and film theory, but the common ground was staggering.

They spoke about pragmatics, gesturing, expressive language and receptiveness. It sparked a theory of the mind in disseminating videojournalism film making undertaken in Chonqing.

In a nutsell it involves prefixed perceptions, observation, initiation, reception, recording and evaluation and a re-evaluation before asking how your perceptions met with expectations.

Zann's elucidation of the collective and collaboration asked questions - some of which still needs answering.