Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Could we be nearing a states where print journalism courses no longer exist? Near enough, if reports how unis are shaping their modules is anything to go by. So far they're hearsay, so need confirming. But something's going on. At Westmin, a multimedia studio is in the offing, with everything that may bring.

Meanwhile, 18 doughty street

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Chris Horrie said...

The New BBC College of Journalism will be 100 percent online. The problem is that existing institutions view the net as control system for privatisation and financial exploitation of knowlege, and that model will not work in the age of Wikipedia and the the like. Universities used to be in the business of selling precious bottled water to people dying of thirst in the middle of a blazing desert. Now anyone with £1 to spend in an internet cafe is standing in the middle of an information deluge. Alas unis are ignoring this and trying to re-create their brick and motor and their power structures on line in so called 'virtual' (what a giveaway that term is) form. You need universities in their present form just about as much as monks and monastaries were needed after the printing press. My guess in the future is that tourists will be shown around the ruins of universities and marvel/laugh that people used to sit inside these structures copying out and slightly re-arranging the contents of books into other books.