Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Site and sight

Had breakfast.
Marked Uni papers
Online to look at Uni news stories
refined content on broadband site
ate light lunch
back to site
film former students now producers in India and Lithuania talking about their time at Uni
Answered emails -
took a call fom a friend .. wants to work at GMTV
Get ready to go over for Chat at Channel 4
Good chat with Mark Roberts about citizen journalism
Friend rings up for meeting with futher education group wanting to set up bridging programme for students with
Think about whether I should go to the gym - I do. Not much energy in me, buut get through aerobics programme.
More film cutting to be posted to the American Institute, grr Drive goes down. Order new extreme drive.
more emails. Rob Chiu has just met and talked on the same platform as Kyle Cooper and Neville Brody
Oh invite to New Media do.
Missed Dinner.....
Veg out on some ITV prog about celebrirties crowing
Time to hit the sack

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