Monday, May 08, 2006

Damn if anyone knows

Isn't that it really? A digital reformation with eyes wide open. So we're all media makers. Granted some are better than others. Some people have spent a life time and earned serious gong power. So that's no way to treat the profession. But if you look back to Addison and Steele 17th and later scraps with parliament. The law makers forgot to issue licenses and it ebcae a free for all, wev've been here before.

So the trick is safeguarding a profession but embracing the market place. Now for once the idea of Sach's free market forces doesn't sound like a good idea. But film makera have been wrestling and taming those same, albeit slightly different data, forces.

If you build it and it better damn well be good they will come. If you're good, I guess we can all go home safe in the knowledge that we'll make it. For lurking in the wings are youth so clued up on the latest immersive media that frankly, yes, I did consider this, a worth trade such as plumming ( 60 p/hr plus) comes to mind.

We hate change, but that's exactly where we find ourselves and whether a broadcaster embraces this or not, change is a happening. It happened/ is happening in the music industry, manufacturing (c.f China's trade deficit - electronic goods) and is having a good go in print. cf You and Yours today - the e-screen or the program I'm doing with The Press Association

So buzzers at the ready for five what was teh name of the institution that showed the rest of the wrold how to produce quality programmes. The year in question 2050. Somehow forces are trying to prevent this, but how well can they see the future?

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