Tuesday, September 10, 2013

See what I see: the best story, is you, but no one's watching

Two videos merge into one this morning illustrating the point over and over again.

South Africa, 1994 - THE story, that needed telling. The end of Apartheid

By David Dunkley Gyimah. Connect with him on Google 

What is one of THE stories in the world, now!  Put another way, one of THE worst events in the world that is not being told, but should be told.

I know there are many, but I'm talking about one with a currency that, that is univerally so gripping that if it came to you, you'd give it the time of day.

But then at some point you'd switch off. It's also the type of story, that you may not necessarily share because  it's not funny (haha) story.

So I make videos, in fact I make lots of things and have done for a while and the drill was to always focus on who we needed to appeal to.

In broadcasting it was the guy in the pub. ITN News had a saying, it's got to be simple enough to be understood by the people in Wigan, which is as un PC as you can say to Wigan folks.

But back to the point, which is. I like the striking visuals, I like the stories, but in order for them not to be transient, the core skill, which has several terms e.g. 360 ( BBC) in early 2000s, to the marketer - All platforms, is the cinema experience.

In the early 90s I came across one of those stories. I got pretty incensed why no one was paying attention. So cutting a long story short, I left London to go and live in South Africa, during the tail end of Apartheid and with the little knowledge I had got to understand the story close-up and why we weren't listening. But the story did travel on radio, print and TV.

I'm on one of those stories now. I'm absolutely riveted by it, but I KNOW that to get anyone to see what I am seeing I have got to get you more. It really is not just the story, though I think I can do a pretty good job on this one. It's the whole cinema experience.

It's about the familiarity of experience. It's what was refined by the Star Wars franchise and pushed to the Nth by Apple.

Code everything to that lasting experience. The film, the people behind the film, the magazine piece, the facebook page for feedback, the pictures you can use, the transaction that identifies YOU (user)  as integral to making the whole story work.

Because now, you, are that part of the story not in a cliched, figurative way, but in the eyes of content creators, asking ourselves, how we allow you in and you want more.

I'm involved in one of the world's worst stories. I need to find that way, for  you to see what I see.
P.S there's a Chatham House rule on the story at the moment, that's why I can't be explicit.

Skateboarder Magazine - Gurus in the Ganges (Full Length) from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

Fab story this one ( No this is not the story I'm involed with)  and it works for the reasons of semantic fields. Take one field as diadactically different from one and drop it into another