Sunday, January 20, 2013

The changes to news and videojournalism

Something very interesting is happening in news narrative, very interesting, and it came to me when my head of department made a comment.

Coming from him a dye-in-the-wool BBC type, it got me thinking. It's something I addressed in my talks together with other techniques.

Before I talk about this go and look at this and below the page fold I'll speak about what's happening.

Did you take the test?  If you did it's akin to the following. The BBC and a lot of organisations are using different quality glass for news making, some are embracing the DSLR.

The effect invariably is that the viewer spends so much time looking at the pictures as to ignore what the reporter is saying.

This hyper-reality reportage, a term used by Jean Baudrillard who infamously minimised the gulf war, now requires a fresh approach to story form and its one that has not been sorted out, yet! What d'you think needs doing.

Historians will tell you documentary faced the same problem in particular the venerable Murrow.