Sunday, April 30, 2006

Interactive news: long live news

So just why are we so bound in convention when it comes to embracing innovation? It's a comfort blanket. Charlie Brown's sleeping friend: we do because we know it worked. But as was said in fight club. "Jut leg go".

Here are a few things that have risen out of wise men and women in the media saying let it be so.

1. A presenter must sit behind a huge desk. In your home, it would invite comments of the inferior complex
2. Why do they happy talk on air?
3. Why are news outlets so limiting in their output: 70 perecent of accessible news on the day doesn;t get shown
4. Why can't we choose our own news as we do with content on Sky+?
5. Why do you have to go to an Ivy league or Oxbridge to stand as near hope as possible to get into the media?
6. Why is video news confined to designated news outlets only. Why can't, say, any organisation create its own news based on firm journalistic principles?

7. Ok I have some idea of (1) &(2). Social blogging may go some way to addressing the aforementioned.

And finally, why couldn't you present a news value show with film-style contextualisation and make the text interactive? You can. Got o the view to have a look.

What do you think about 1-7?

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