Monday, March 27, 2006

Amputee Sierra Leone

Yannis was having a pizza with friends when he called me. Come on up, it'll gives us the chance to talk about Sierra Leone.
Early jan, Yannis sent me prints. I looked at them and thought Gosh these are harsh. . . even painful. Weeks later the pictures would be garnering multiple awards.

I call Yannis invisible. He's 6 foot plus, but has the ability to get into a moment in time that defies common thought. He wanted Terry Callier's Sierra Leone, but alas despite emails and a good hearty chat with Terry's record company, nothing came of that wish.

The track you hear was specifically written for this. A heart warm thanks to Micheal Donkor, Joel Dumba and Eric Osei-Poku.

So there we are. Tell us what you think? If it moves you enough perhaps you could find time to give to an Amputee cause.

So, I say to Yannis, I can't make it in today but how about a rain cheque. . . tomorrow?

"Oh tomorrow" he quips I'm off to Columbia. Such is the life of a photojournalist.

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