Friday, February 17, 2006

24 Frames Comments

Yannis sent me a couple of photos after I'd invited a couple of photographers to work with our Masters students. Breaking down walls is what you could call it, photojournalists getting the chance to work with screen and print journalists. Afer seeing Yannis photos, I couldn't put them down.
In South Africa circa, 93 I lived in a flat in Yeoville. My landlady if I can use that term was Lindsey who edited a glossy, I think called Living. She would regale me with stories about some of photographers she had commissioned. One of them was Kevin Carter, a member of the Bang Bang Club.
My healthy regard for photographers who tread were angels dare was born. Like Kevin, Yannis pics are hallucinatory, disturbing, mesmerizing, grim, yet gripping. Last week, he picked up first place at the World Press Photo, Contemporary section. It's well deserved. I'm hoping to get him on here for a skype blog. Let me know if you're interested

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