Wednesday, December 14, 2005


...and that's why what's happening in the US, as opposed to Blighty, is hugely educational. As usual we're late in the UK and the press has given it scant mention, but Rocket boom and Steve Garfield's video blog, have me hooked. The logic is all so perfect: short, humorous pieces wikth that viral quality.

For other genres the jury is somewhat out, but again there is an underlying paradigm, that strengthens the whole model of videojournalism online. Get that TV Exec, dumping traditional TV online might bring in an audience, but the medium, online vs sitting in your comfy sofa laying back are different. Online, you're a 15 second click away from someone leaving.

So where does that leave factual-based programmes? I reckon high end productions, and strong pithy narratives are the answer, just as writing for the net is about targeting time poor punters.

This next year, the cat's out of the bag now, will see further pressure on traditional TV, with the new vloggers gaining ground and so far we're yet to feel the impact here, but then the beauty of geomorphous Net will alter all that. Here, here for Rocket Boom

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