Thursday, September 04, 2008

Video Journalism Rabbit Hole, London crime and 21st Cent. students

Tis a term, at least now it is: rabbit hole.

I feel like being down one just now with a sea of ideas around me.

I took the pic at a Sunday Pub Lunch somewhere in Warwickshire. And yes there were bore holes that looked like drilling sites from these fluffy creatures.

Rabbit Hole - an idea with good intention but proving unproductive. hic!

Elsewhere there are shake ups at the BBC - huge ones, so one idea I had has to be put on hold.

Sabaa's one minute film festival is doing well with a new mention from Wired Magazine. I'll post some more on this later, but meanwhile go visit and vote.

Could this be the future classroom?

It looks like this now on paper at the uni where I work.

And in a couple of weeks the new set up should allow all manner of digital digiratis to go on - all with the purpose of improving the experience for students.

Skyping with other lecturers into a lecture, having remote control over the screens... plus some mash ups with different disciplines.

I'll be showing some historical moments e.g. Second World War, 911 video journalism footage to a new generation of burgeoning journalists.

Finally the brilliance of Holovaty's reaches British shores with the Mayor Boris Johnson deploying a crime-grid using google's engine and police data to London suburbs.

This is an altogether different one though Holovaty was the first I known of to point to data being used in such an innovatory way. Watch the report here 1995 National Press Club

The Mayor says it will help them target crime pointing to how it helped New York.

You can find out the best and worst of London by going to and inserting your postcode.

My area came up "below average" .

Estate Agents, however are nervous as now you will now be able to log on and discover the worst areas in London.

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