Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin - Film me but don't ask a ***** word

ABC Reports a series of meetings scheduled between the Republican's VP runner Sarah Palin and world leaders was due to take place "in camera".

You can observe but you can't report cuz they'll be no reporter.

We all know and have worked the pool system, but this would have been something not to have a reporter present.

You might as well get your own camera ala PR and flog the video with your icon at the top.

Rightly so there's been a hue and cry. C.f ABC News's blog, with word that broadcasters would have boycotted showing anything.

Webwise it would have been interesting to see whether online news sites show a blank or black screen in protest - something that was done in the 90s when US authorities sought more power to curb the independence of online sites.

Now I have been using the past tense through out here because it appears, from ABC, that the fire has been put out as a CNN producer will now be allowed in.

No word on who the producer is and what they'll be allowed to ask.

But in light of this foreign policy cram, how much I wonder will Palin allude to an expanse of international experience from her meeting, and more importantly what quotes are likely to be lifted for the ads to highlight her competence.

" I found Mrs Palin, to be fully aware of the pressing issues of security within our country and her pledge and commitment to seek greater interaction to resolving the festering sore, when she assumes her VP role".

says Afghan President Hamid Karzai

Oh slip of the tongue; jolly laugh with reporter: " I meant should she become VP, which I see no reason why she should not".

Too late, we know which one we'll edit. See those film review pages where comments like: "Great film but the acting sucked", and the review on the poster becomes; "****** Great film.

Yep you're ahead of me.

Now come to think of it was PM Gordon Brown having a freudian dig at Palin when he said government is no time for a novice.

Meanwhile says Palin, "There Obama put that in your pipe and smoke it. I met Karzai".

Next week, the SALT Treaty is revisited.

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Cliff said...

Don't EVEN get me started on this one mate.

She is about as qualified to be VP (and a heartbeat away from the Presidency) as I am.

So what if she met Karzai? Joe Biden has more experience on Foreign issues in his pinky finger than Palin has in her whole life.

I can't believe the sheeple in this country are even considering placing the old man and his token female VP into the White House (and that isn't a sexist remark - I believe either man or woman can do the job - if they are TRULY qualified)

And MSNM is to blame to a great extent for becoming corporate lackeys in not doing enough to vet all who are running. That was suppose to be the job of professional journalists in the past - not be yes men to the corporate big-wigs.

This just truly rubs me the wrong way mate - there needs to be more independent reporters, solovj's and bloggers out there who can bring some sense of public discourse and have true credibility - MSNM certainly isn't doing it.

Cliff Etzel - Solo Video Journalist
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