Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Multimedia+ Video journalism +online - all in a day's work

It really shouldn't take that long, but one of the sites I work on is buggy, so I find myself editing in code, which it gets very touchy about.

By the afternoon, in between marking papers, writing up a new online programme and filling in sections for my own dissertation, a security issue arose.

Comng back from a meeting, I'd previously spotted two men in a car in what looked like Phishing; running numbers across their screens. I couldn't help but ask whether they were the police (doh) before alerting the police.

Fortunately the group I was seeing have wifi WEP, protected, though I advised on WPA, which we looked at installing.

Then time to look at this legacy piece I'd promised a friend who also happens first to be my tax advisor. He wanted a piece and I spent about two hours with him. The result is something I'll post shortly and deconstruct.

By the day's end at 3 in the morning, that was it 15 hour day.

I used to be good at these "death marches" memories of dotcom 15 hour working habits.

Huh I'm losing it

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