Friday, September 26, 2008

Video journalism book - but what's in the book?

Oh no another self indulgent book, with one snag; it hasn't been published yet, despite me toying around with chapters.

So a book that combined video journalism, multimedia and the rest, what might be inside.
I suppose it would be what you'd want to know at conferences

Here's a couple of ideas:
  • Videojournalism circa 1994 what worked and what didn't. NB The BBC's hyperlocal idea for news has come full circle.
  • Video journalism in Sport - How video journalism was used in the Lennox- Tyson fight. tips sich as fast shutter speeds
  • Video journalism in wars and conflicts
  • Moving from basic video journalism to advance
  • Flash and Video Journalism - some of the early work 1999, I did with a colleague using Flash and Video and how that's dramatically changed.
  • Motives and techniques in long format. Recently I have finished a number of projects : a commercial, long format half hour show and promo - vertical editing.
  • In about three weeks I'm pitching a script which mixes docu and drama. Mmm
  • Added xtras - what you need to give your shoots that bit more
Or what about a personal insight into working at the BBC and Channel 4 News. And if you've ever worked in an agency, well...

Am I allowed to publish the Phd stuff I'm doing, which is kinda........ ok just a thought

p.s if you look at the front page of, those little boxes animate into pictures and pretty much cover the breath of my media - starting from 1987 at Radio Leicester

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