Sunday, July 06, 2008

Video Journalism Mash Ups continued

Coming up on, an idea and a half.

We've got the Apprentice South Africa permission to show parts of the programme - and have carried out a bit of an experiment.

I invited a number of CASS MBAs over to a good friend's house where we screened it and filmed the process.

Apprentice South Africa has one of the best cliff hanger endings, you'll find in the franchise

Then we got the producer on the phone and our small audience was allowed to ask him anything they wanted.

And there's some controversy in the QandA

I have started to edit the feature and will post soon. If you're not a fan of Apprentice, this might just change your mind.

Its PhD Week

So this week my mind will be somewhere other than media, watching colleagues and learning a whole raft of new things.

Changes afoot
I have been using blog for a while now and can see limitations. I still like the idea of using my blog as a brain dump and refining articles for which I haven't done in a while. There's talk starting about taking the gene of Viewmagazine's video style and developing something fresh.

Stop Press

I have nodded to the invitation of being a judge at this years international video journalism awards, and if it goes as planned have an interesting idea I think you might like.

New Avatar Platform
Been talking to a new friend, Sabaa, who's behind the One Minute Film Challenge and an interesting Avatar platform. I have cut some programmes of mine for him and we're both curious as to how they'll play out.

TV Commissioner Job

A friend's up for a commissioning job in TV so we've been bouncing around ideas of how you get TV back on a sure footing and get audiences whooping again. Is that possible?

An invite has come through from one of Dubai's Princes for a media summit. I'd love to go but it clashes with an already pre-booked holiday. What am I to do?

Las Vegas
Organisers for a summit in Las Vegas asked if I'd like to come and present. We're still talking though things have died down because of heady commitments and marking of Masters papers, but that's over now

Students au revoir
Master students feedback and some exit interviews in hand last friday which will post. They say some interesting things. My unis going through wholesale changes to the student-lectures layout. The digital Hub has arrived in academia.

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