Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mac book Pro Heaven

Eight years and untold programmes e.g. Generation X intelligence,finally, today my Mac Power G3 turned itself off and switched to Mac heaven.

Not long ago the trusty workhorse vx1000 gave up the fight.

They'll be missed.

When the G3 came out, I took a flight to New York to purchase one. It still worked out cheaper than buying it in London. The additional 20 gig external drive VST lives on.

The mac came with a whopping 8g hard drive and 233 Ram. It worked with Final Cut 1.2, but there were specific parameters we had to feed it for optimum peformance.

The VX1000 has also proved trust worthy with shoots in Jordan, and out to sea in Gallipoli where it actually fell in the sea lived to work again.

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