Friday, July 11, 2008

Burning Man, BBC, Vid-Journalism and Smart Lab

Bruce's pics of Burning man which he and Galen are part of the committee

Posting later today, a snapshot of Smart Lab and interviews with the Smart Labbers - all of whom are doing extraordinary things.

Take Bruce Damer and Galen - husband and wife team.

Bruce is everything you want to know about computers, avatars, new computing - sort of things you'd see in Popular Science; Galen is technology, poetry, art and storytelling.

Bruce was sharing his pictures with us from Burning Man and the one which made us all chuckle is his picture here of a well known BBC presenter Peter Day.

Picture 1 shows Peter just arriving at Burning Man

Picture 2, 4 days on shows what can even happen to a hardened BBC Presenter.

To view more of these and Bruce's projects; I'll try and bring you more with a vid interview, but meanwhile go here to his site

Thanks to Bruce for allowing me to use his pics. On you can find a clip of Bruce talking about his Phd research into creating life forms from nothing.


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