Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Creativity - how to get it

Creativity - how to get it. My fellow [student] colleague Alison at Smart Lab whom consults with stock market companies about how they become more productive by being creative set us a problem.

I'll post more soon on what she says, but first can you figure this out?

You've a cake and a knife that you're alowed to make three cuts to make 8 equal pieces?



Cliff said...

pretty straight forward - first two cuts give 4 - 1/4 pieces - the third cut is horizontally through the middle, thus doubling the number of pieces - giving 8 equal sized pieces.

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Anonymous said...

Cut the cake vertically into quarters, then cut through it horizonally. It gives you eight equal pieces that are half as high as the original.

Anonymous said...

That's great guys. The next part she gave us was to think of an alternative method

Anonymous said...

cut in half - place one half on top of the other - repeat twice.

but is creativity a quality like 20/20 vision, or an environmentally dependent talent - like intelligence?

I vote for the latter - multiple creativities - visual, musical, kinetic, mathematical etc -

peter said...

obviously none of you guys have kids - but surely you remember your own childhoods...

a piece of cake from the bottom with no icing is equal to a sweet piece from the top?

get real guys