Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown bowned out

The 2001 General Election and I'll always remember it for a rather interesting incident. I was a producer on Channel 4's politics show working for the very thoroughly nice Andrew Brown, brother of the now Prime Minister of Britain.

The piece I produced, audited by BDO Stoyward suggested labour had put up taxes by stealth. Andrew ok'ed the findings and that was that. Until it emerged at anyone of the labour party election conferences, Political heaveyweight Michael Brunson who was fronting the election special, was being sidelinned, blanked.

His waving paper would stay up. Gordon Brown looked our way most likely irritated at the programme and its assertion. I wondered what kind of conversation would flow between Andrew and Gordon.

Andrew was a good laugh and had a small laugh at the incident. Before the show completed its last run we all headed off to Ascot - my first - where perhaps the Brown's knack for finance was evident. Andrew won on a number of horses making about 100 ukp.

I took along my super 8 Nizo, so whilst I have no sound on the video, it's a rather memorable and personable piece.

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