Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Philosophy of Videojournalism

If the immediate solution you face sets up renewed problems to which you can distinguish various ideations, then you represent something.

If you seek professional mischief making over popularity, you represent something.

If the task at hand represents an embodied experience, in which you wrestle with subjectivity and objectivity, aesthetics (kantian) versus aesthetic (corporeal), you represent something.

If your representation, not physically per se, but non diagetically troubles you, you represent something.

If something that hasn't been done is waiting to be done, from which your aesthetic impulse is predicated on the *sub conscious rather than the physical, you're saying something.

If you move with your camera as a haptic device and your words envelope poeticism, you're saying something.

The question is who's listening?

Something's happening, because they are. Others. People make up doors they seek to enter, knowing what lay behind is patent success, rather than abject failure. And you may have given them a key.

There are no half way houses, your audience is either committed or not, they either watch or not, listen or tune out. And you cannot bask in the glory of finalities. Because there are none.

Each task begets another and another. The only thing fulfilling is to be unfulfilled. But that's what you love - the chase!

If your glass is never empty, but you know how, and choose whether you want it filled, you're onto something.

If the road less travelled, is the road most taken, then often you'll find the solo traveller awaiting you. Here you'll share ideas that elide the mass consensual dogma.

There are no masses, there is no mass media, the media delimits the message, the message is there unbridled in meta narratives, but the choice you make defines you.

If the immediate solution you face sets up renewed problems to which you can distinguish various modalities, then you'll start this all over again - a tortured perfectionist, seeking your next challenge.

Shhh (quietly) I believe you represent something. BIG!

Developing a heurestic for videojournalism
David Dunkley Gyimah
PhD SMARTlab, University College Dublin
Artist in Residence at London's SouthBank Centre
Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster
Royal Television Society Juror, 2011-12 Innovation in Media
10th - April - 2011