Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Magazine download on Web Journalism, where next? - special report

Next week, a special report from looking at some of the contested and talked about issues within journalism. 

Written as quick reads, for travels-digests to work or otherwise, it'll include material intended for a book publication.

Created to stimulate and provoke further, the contents draw on my experience straddling traditional e.g. BBC and new journalism e.g. Outernet  over the last 24 years, and the Net's propensity for open endedness. In otherwords, this is envisaged as a hyperlinked open magazine.

The latter, a brief developed as part of my Artist in Residency a the London Southbank Centre.

As the author, some of articles lean on research drawn from PhD research studies, though written up in journalistic prose, and is part of a visual presentation planned for Apple's Theatre in London later this year.

Also in mind, a collaboration which one of best brand news makers, whom I'm in talks with. The magazine looks at:

  • Videohyperlinking explores an inevitability of future video transactions.
  • Training Days asks whether processing to ensure the wheels on your news production turns over is enough?
  • The triumphant and gradual ( at the time of writing) rescue of the Chilean miners is a story journalism should tell. But it will be left to Hollywood and fictional cinema to retell this epic story. Why?
  • And the new philosophy for videojournalism. TV news of 1955 is creaking around the lens, so why should videojournalism ape its methodologies, rather than seek to define its own
  • And can't pay, won't pay, but then who pays? Why can't every journo, pro or amateur, enjoy the spoils?