Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sometimes a Bio adds context

Added context for reader.

Interested in Cinema journalism. Then please read Deleuze. All will become clear
shooting for Channel 4 News in 1999 on the digi beta 900 using interchangeable lens
I have been making films for 20 years (started in radio) of a 23 year media career starting with the BBC with BBC Newsnight, BBC Reportage, ABC South Africa, WTN  and Channel 4 News, and Jon Station Agency ( fmr head of TV at Saatchi and Saatchi etc.

In the last 10 years I have been a senior lecturer in videojournalism at the University of Westminster - the past two years of which include a PhD study into the Outernet.  

In 1994 after becoming a dedicated videojournalist working at Channel One I shot on a range of cameras from beta, 16mm, and digi beta. This one above is from a shoot in South Africa for Channel 4 News - which you can find here.

The post ( this add on appears as an addition uner my most recent post) is not an epiphany, and depending on your entry into this blog, you will have read going back to 1995 aspects of cine and interactive videojournalism. 

Or in magazines such as Africa Communique in 1997 looking at work done in innovative video.

However, this post was a realisation of the intention of 17/ 23 + inch mac screens transmogrificating into the precept of the Outernet ( see front page images of  ).

I have been writing about film, innovative video, videojournalism and cinema since the mid 90s. Here's a piece from Blue Print in 1991  highly respected architecture and innovation magazine .

The film fortunately was appreciated by the audience who saw the group before seeing the short film. But as a film maker seeing it on a cinescope screen ie an Outernet system, I would have changed one main parameter to correct the film's metronome. In less than 10 years time this will be a moot point.

David working for ABC News, South Africa - a day before their first all race election, a bomb goes off in Downtown Joburg. You can hear his report on the BBC World Service here.

Foreign Reportage. I was in South Africa in 1992 with a hi-8. I had no formal videojournalism training, but had worked for newsnight and reportage so had a very good idea of production and direction