Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cross post - Micheal Rosenblum

Got a nice hello-ping from Michael Rosenblum, who trained me and several other VJs- the first in the UK back in 1993/94.

I posted longish giving some background to the Channel.

Often people confuse Channel One with Live TV - that did Topless darts and Bunny news - and a post on Michael's blog illustrates this.

There's scant info on Channel One which often gives rise to this.

NY1 which it was modelled on has been going strong now for 15 years.

Happy Burfday NY1.

I had the pleasure of visiting it twice; in its early days and when one of the trainers, peter, became its head of news.

Anyway's here's what Julian Aston had to say about Channel One from the Daily Mail site on 3rd September 1998

Channel One, the local information television station for London and Bristol, which is wholly owned by DMGT, is to close this month.

Says Managing Director Julian Aston: "Our projected level of cable subscriptions will not enable Channel One to break-even by the end of the present licence period so, sadly, the Channel will stop transmitting this month."

"During four years on air, Channel One has pioneered quality, local television news and information programming, introducing fresh technical and news-gathering techniques that have since been adopted by both terrestrial and satellite broadcasters. The Channel has also been, over the last four years, the broadcast industry's unofficial training school."

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