Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Art and Science of 21st Century Video Communications and Video journalism

The ubiquity of video would inevitably raise some important issues. In the land of plenty, how do you get seen?

As the Vice Chancellor of Goldsmith College, Pat Loughrey, says, we all have a video dictionary now, but we are yet to understand how to produce a sonnet. Loughrey's career in the BBC as a manager and innovator is known to those in the industry.

The Art and Science of Communication in the 21st Century would then involve some key cognitive characteristics.  I call them MAC.

  • Memorability: the audience must be made to remember
  • Affectivity: You need to affect the audience to do something
  • Cost effectiveness: You can produce powerful video for a fraction of the price you're paying.

As a consultant, I have spent some very exciting times working with various agencies and groups. These include: the BBC, Financial Times, Ghana's government; the Arab league of Media, and Fortune 100 companies.

But I have never been more excited now about the work that has come together from six years of worldwide theoretical and practical doctoral research undertaking at University College Dublin.

A common and erroneous complaint with theory is that it ignores the practicalities of industry, our every day lives, how the world really works. One of the world's leading cognitivists in film, David Bordwell, captured this in his article asking why theorists and pragmatists can't get along.

However my work has always been practiced-based. From working at BBC Newsnight, Channel 4 News of ABC News and collaborating with leading independent agencies.

The latest assignment bears this out. In Syria's conflict how can it provide a video news that is compelling to watch? How from a blank canvas do you provide MAC? The job required travelling to near the Turkey-Syrian border.

This methodology of MAC is one I'm so looking forward to sharing with you. My background enables me to take real life scenarios and find MAC solutions. You can contact me at David (at) viewmagazine (dot) TV.

Here, below are samples of recommendations of my work.

  • NewsXchange - gathering of mainly world media, mainly European.

  • Jon Snow, national news presenter and television personality

jon snow on david from david dunkley gyimah on Vimeo.

  • Invitation to speak to the BBC's leaders.

Dear David We are currently organising BBC Worldwide's annual Leadership Conference in October which is aimed at the top 150 senior leaders across the company. We would like to invite you to speak at a session focusing on 'Creativity and Innovation: Creating the Winning Idea' which currently has speakers including Innocent; Ten Alps and Bebo. 

The session will run on Thursday 5th October from  11:20 - 13:30. With your fantastic experience in both old and new media and your insights into next generation TV both in the UK and US, you would be a valuable addition to the panel. Your slot would be around 20-25mins, followed by a 60 minute Q&A panel session in which you would jointly answer questions from our staff.

About the Leadership Group Our Leadership Group consists of around 150 of our senior staff from across our seven business areas: Global TV Sales, Global Channels, Content &Production, Magazines, Digital Media, Home Entertainment and Children's. They are a lively and talented group of people who would greatly enjoy the opportunity to hear you speak and we very much hope that you will find the event interesting too. 

Head of Communications

BBC ( name with held)

  • Four hour presentation to National Union of Journalists in Denmark

Hi David, 
Just want to say thank you for your performance at VP. The VP-thing was better than we hoped it to be, and all the reactions were more than positive. Danish jouranlists go to a lot of conferences, so they are not just being polite, and they - and Søren and I - were overly happy with your performance. Hope you have time to come again when we do it again this summer?! 

Kind regards,

Martin Ramsgård 
Video Play, Denmark (NUJ)

About David

David has won or been nominated for several international awards in media, journalism and innovation. He has worked in the media for 27 years and combines consultancy with his work at university.
This year he is a chair of the jury for journalism innovation for the Royal Television Society. (RTS). The RTS is one of the UK's most prestigious bodies for media, journalism and communications. You can contact David at or via tweeter @viewmagazine

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