Friday, April 26, 2013

Integrated Multimedia Videojournalism's New Ideas. Please bare with me

Prepping on late night food for the Arab Media Summit in Cairo

It's 11.30 pm, we've just stepped of the flight to Cairo to find out in the morning the agenda we had planned for their summit needs to be changed. &^%$£?? Major ouch! Journalism is in a crisis in Cairo, that swiftly needs a solution.

It's different to what I am aware of  in the UK and US. The pros are, they believe, suffocating under the weight of social media and the independent news maker.

Nothing stays the same, everything changes.

Followers of this blog, which principally deals in videojournalism, , ideas, academia and journalism innovation may have noticed how strangely the blog has changed over the past couple of days.

The reason being I'm experimenting with a new layout. After six years of blogging and with a whole wealth of information to hand from my extensive work, the need has arisen to display this on a more open, and easily navigable blog site.

Some of that info includes work I'm about to start with the Comedy theatre, one of London's most successful comedy houses, as they go digital in a big way, looking to expand into India.

Equally exciting is another company, OrgVue which has found a way to use data visualisation to help companies figure out their output/ staffing etc.

More rceently, I have had the pleasure of working alongside a medical data company, Dendrite, supervising a true talent who has built a top rated site from scratch.

Pragmatic ideas
Then there's my own personal work from my thesis, which, if the logic holds means the way we teach doc making/ videojournalism and news needs a radical overhaul. The text tells you how, with some powerful people in the industry combining their thoughts. I'm looking forward to sharing that with the industry.

Couple of years back I received this email from the BBC.

Dear David 
We are currently organising BBC Worldwide's annual Leadership Conference in October which is aimed at the top 150 senior leaders across the company. We would like to invite you to speak at a session focusing on 'Creativity and Innovation: Creating the Winning Idea' which currently has speakers including Innocent; Ten Alps and Bebo. The session will run on Thursday 5th October from  11:20 - 13:30. With your fantastic experience in both old and new media and your insights into next generation TV both in the UK and US, you would be a valuable addition to the panel. Your slot would be around 20-25mins, followed by a 60 minute Q&A panel session in which you would jointly answer questions from our staff.
About the Leadership Group Our Leadership Group consists of around 150 of our senior staff from acrossour seven business areas: Global TV Sales, Global Channels, Content &Production, Magazines, Digital Media, Home Entertainment and Children's. They are a lively and talented group of people who would greatly enjoy theopportunity to hear you speak and we very much hope that you will find the event interesting too.
Head of Communications

More recently, I spoke to executives at the BBC, so with my new findings rather hope I can share some more with broadcasters.

Recently speaking at BBC Meetings

In June, however,  I'm in Denmark presenting to their journalist in a week which includes some of the world's best thinkers in image making, such as Bombay flying Duck, Drea Cooper  from Califormia is the Place and Michelle Michael, a highly respected VJ from the US.

Timetable for Denmark talk.

One that I hope meets the need of the pro and pragmatism of the student, whether that's academia or life-student.

Unfortunately, many of the blog skins treat key words as categories resulting in a mis-alignment of pages. Horrible!

I'm hoping this can be resolved really soon. So in the meantime, I have reverted to the blog of old and hopefully over the weekend can present the new site, without all its detritus. So please stay in touch and we'll get this experience to where it should be.