Friday, May 14, 2010

Slides for MDLF - The future of videojournalism.

The future of videojournalism.

Opened talk with over view of the below:
1. Showed two films. One from 1994; the other from 2005. I wanted to demonstrate that between 1994 and 2005 there has been a visual language change for those that started in 1994.

No surprise. If you learned a new language. say English, Russian or Manadarin, 15 years ago, by now you would understand the language enough to use its local dialect.

An example of two camera - film approaches from different eras

Channel One wanyed its reporters to be multiskilled, so many got to use the web very early. The new total reporter would shoot video and build sites. These skills are only difficult when they are foreign to us.

Future will be more Outernet: personalised and landscaped
Videojournalism is a combination of skills and does not mean exclusively news making. It's a total package and one that encapsulates a quikc turnaorund understanding of cinematographic film news making