Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow - End of Days

Global something - the view from my house resplendent in white cold satin, however tells me something is odd. Could it be that within a couple of years we wil be experiencing snow in april - good song title- or even july?

Do you think we ought to shift the celebration dates around? Christmas in what was once summer. How about doing something to ease global warming? Now that's an idea.

A recent report (link soon) raises concerns the web could, is, about to go under. It wasn't built for video. Sorry, my view - the web implode? That will never happen!

A catastrophic disruption of the web because we have too much video??? Well a few national security advisors might have something to say to telcos - "sort it out people"

If the net goes down the disruption to the world econmy.. Well . . .

Having said that the security services could "lease" lines to priority alpha services.

The net going under is the same debate, different content to the national grid, or highways failiing. This news is often designed as a catalyst to get people working, or set up a denial clause.

"Mr President, Prime minister I warned about this several times".

Creative people make videos, technicals design structure and capacity, and poilcy wonks devise wall gardens.

The people most to gain here, again the accountacts counting the cost and returns of new fail safe systems.

Nuclear threat
The threat of a nuclear explosion is real says a report by chatham house - the organistion I have been a member of foor 13 years.

Watching 24 brings it home. Their latest story line has several suitcase nuclear explosions set to go off.

Many security experts may well be thinking its not a case of if, but terrifyingly, when.

This is the end of days. Solutions?

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